About Us

This is the mixed media portfolio of the two Berlin-based artists Patrick Beser and Sebastian Waters.

Patrick Beser

Patrick Beser was born in 1983 and lived near Düsseldorf for about 23 years. After finishing his apprenticeship, he moved to Berlin to work as a freelancer (web development and design), to get in touch with other creatives and to start his design studies at the University of Applied Sciences FHTW Berlin.

Have a look at his portfolio to see some more work beside his mixed-media gluebooks: http://wizzninetynine.de/.

Patrick is influenced by artists like PlasticKid and ths.

Sebastian Waters

Sebastian Waters was born in 1985 near Düsseldorf. He's currently studying design in Berlin at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.

He likes using different materials to create the collages in his gluebooks, usually handmade with pen, acryl colors and paper cutouts from everyday magazines.

Sebastian's works have been published and featured in various magazines and e-zines.